Why Does Radio “Click” With Us?

In my mind, I can still hear Jack Buck’s deep voice telling me just what I needed to know about every St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. He told me only what I needed to know and left the rest for my mind and imagination to fill in the blanks. The memories are so real, so vivid. Jack Buck, Mike Shannon and the Cardinals saw me through a lot of busy weekends where my wife and I had three boys who had to be in three different places at the same time. And, on not so busy weekends or weekday evenings, I listened to Cardinal games in the peaceful solace of my backyard. I know many people who used to watch the games on television with the sound turned off…while they listened to Jack & Mike’s play-by-play over the radio…even though there was a delay.

Generation after generation, our connection with radio remains personal, almost tangible. Radio is accessible…now, unbelievably so, and it allows us the option to multitask while listening. On the whole, even as adults, we like to hear stories filled with emotion…stories that allow our minds to conceptualize and visualize each scene, adding color and depth to the story line. In a nutshell, that, ladies and gents, is why radio is such a powerful targeted marketing tool. Good radio (whether it is a ball game, talk radio show, music or an advertisement) creates a profound emotional connection with the listener and it is precisely that connection that prompts the listener to purchase a product or service…or, if the connection or message becomes lost…not to purchase or use a service. Work on making that emotional connection and your radio show or radio advertising endeavors will be more successful.

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