What’s New with EG Radio Marketing?

What an unbelievable last six weeks!  EGRM has been incredibly busy.  New shows have hit the airwaves on Truthtalk AM 630: Senior Living STL with Community News columnist Gary B (Wednesday mornings at 7am) and Happily Married Husband with Emmy Award winning broadcaster Randy Gardner (Thursday mornings at 7am).  Rising Above with Kirkwood’s own John O’Leary can be heard on Truthtalk AM 630 Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm and Animal Wise STL with Dr. Tara Brooks and dog trainer Matt Koch is ROCKIN THE HOUSE on Grand Slam Sports AM 1380 Saturday Mornings at 8am.  We are now looking at internet radio as well.

New shows are on the way very soon:  Excalibur Business & Life Coaching with Jeff Arthur, Eye on the Market with David O. England, Keeping our Kids Safe with Bill Wardell and Heroic Parents wth Bo & Stacy Govea.

We will soon have FTP show downloads available for affiliates with all shows including self-syndicated America’s Wealth Management Show with Dean Barber and Doctor’s Orders Show with Dr. Kipp Van Camp, syndicated by the The MAN, Mr. Skip Joeckel of Talk Shows USA.  By July 4th, podcasts will be available for all currently aired radio shows.

EGRM is firming up its partnerships with The Publicist’s Assistant, Premier National Benefits and FYIcode, a new voice-activated, hands-free mobile media product.

We greatly value our radio partners and sponsors.  EGRM cannot wait to see what happens in the next six weeks!

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