Talk Radio, Bob Jackson & Baseball…seeing what you hear!

My wife’s uncle, Bob Jackson of Marion, Illinois, is a hero of mine.  Let’s just say I admire him immensely as I suspect nearly all who meet him do.  A world-class history aficionado and art teacher, an amazing artist and a man whose served to help protect our country, Bob has always kept his ‘world’ small, focusing on faith, family, teaching and following/coaching sports.  Yet, his imprint on the world has been…large.  He’s humble to a fault.  He’s coached people like Doug Collins (who played in the NBA, coached the Chicago Bulls and is now an NBA broadcaster) and hundreds of kids, now productive adults, their admiration for him evident when they see him in town or at church. Bob has illustrated books, drafted portraits of athletes and he’s used his talents to benefit his community.  Bob knows, seemingly, nearly everyone in his community.  And, he is, perhaps, one of the most prolific and mesmerizing storytellers I know.

During a recent visit we were talking about radio broadcasts of the St. Louis Cardinals (don’t get him started…his mind is a Cardinals encyclopedia), and he told me of how he used to listen to the St. Louis Cardinals broadcasts on radio and how great they were.  He likes many sports.  But, he LOVES baseball.  On this visit, he told me about how, as a child, he had acquired layouts for all the baseball stadiums.  He memorized them.  And, he related to me that when he listened to the play-by-play he could see in his mind how and where a ball would hit a certain part of the wall in a ballpark and he could see it careen off the wall at a funny angle because of a particularly odd feature in the wall’s configuration in whatever park the Cardinal’s were playing.  Bob appreciates the talent broadcasters exhibit almost as much as those who play the game.  He remembers as a youngster…looking at the radio…but seeing the ball field and watching the players making plays in his mind.

THAT theater of the mind experience is why we still love to listen to baseball and other sports on the radio. It is why we even go so far sometimes as to turn the game on TV, mute the TV volume and turn on the radio to listen to the play-by-play (Bob’s brother, my father-in-law, Lowell, would often do that).

It is also why we act on well-crafted radio advertisements.  Our strategic partner, Tim Burt (, is a master at this.  He crafts radio content that literally seems to “play-out” in your head, make you salivate or cause you to think, “Yep, I really should get over there today” and buy this or that.  It is truly amazing how our mind reacts to what we hear. Focusing on content and appropriate placement of advertising won’t always garner us “home run status”, but we’ll engender trust by developing long-range strategic marketing plans that deliver ROI RBI’s because we hit lots of singles that careen off walls and turn into doubles, bringing a customers across home plate for our clients.

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