Staying True to the Vision of Your Radio Show or Podcast

I recently met with the team.  Sean Mulroney and his compadres are 100% invested in the show.  They are 100% invested in WHY they broadcast Teens of America.  In their humble estimation they saved thirty teen lives last year and they’ve spoken to over 50,000 teens at seminars and events.  Author and change agent, Simon Sinek, is big on ‘knowing your WHY’.  Teens of America radio show exemplifies that mantra…they LIVE it so others CAN live…via their live call-in show for teens and parents.

The caliber of human beings I meet via radio never ceases to amaze me.  It is also a blessing that via the medium of radio/web & mobile teens and parents can be reached with this show and other teen and parent focused shows like Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Show .

Production quality and marketability are very important.  Keeping true to your REASON for doing a show in the first place is crucial as well.  There aren’t many shows out there that can say they actually save lives.  Kudos Teens of America and thank you for what you do!

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