Radio Shows & Podcasts, Slow and Steady Often Wins the Race

Yesterday, I was reminded by PR and media relations guru, Nichole MacDowell, that she advises her clients that organically branding and marketing themselves as authors and speakers is a methodical process that takes time.  Radio shows and podcasts, grown organically, are no different.  Developing listenership depends, in part, on the quality of the show, its timing and relevancy in the marketplace, entertainment, educational and likability value…how it resonates and appeals to your general or targeted listener base, ease of access to the program, good audio quality, creating (and regularly utilizing) a well-designed social media platform (which includes use of video) and…being an engaging host who obviously enjoys and is passionate about the program.

As a host, it sometimes becomes difficult to remain patient, to eliminate self-doubt, to remain methodical and deliberate…to trust in your message and your acquired and/or God-given talent.  Those of us who create and market shows, speakers, authors…we have the same demons.  But here’s the difference…we see something special in you, our clients/partners, that you, perhaps, do not see in yourself.  We believe the world needs what you have to offer…or, at least, a good percentage of people will benefit from your messaging or your ability to educate and entertain.  So, be confident.  Take action on reliable objective criticism and always strive to become better at your trade or hobby.  Prepare, prepare, prepare…then, be yourself and let your talent take it from there.

To illustrate…

Dr.Kipp, host of Doctor’s Orders Show (, is a fabulous speaker and two-time author.  Bill Wardell of Keeping Our Kids Safe ( is an author, child safety advocate and speaks to parents and kids about keeping our kids SAFE…recently at AT&T in St. Louis, Missouri.  Jeff Arthur of The Smart Biz Show and Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show ( conducts seminars, teaches others to be coaches and he, too, is a sought after speaker.  Gary Baute and Terry Donovan of the September Living show ( are speakers and/or emcees at various community functions. Ron Ameln, of St. Louis Small Business Monthly ( and co-host of The Smart Biz Show, is an outstanding speaker, interviewer and, with his business partner Pat Coates, puts on the largest business expos in Missouri.  These folks didn’t “get there” overnight.  As with any investment, they understand the value of TIME.  These professionals believe in what they do and they systematically make daily time investments in themselves to learn and grow, to become more adept at their craft(s).  As marketers, we accept, as well, the time investment required on our part.  But what is really fun for us on the creative and marketing side is the wonderful ancillary benefit of working with such incredibly uplifting, inspirational and talented people.

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