Radio…A Lifeline for Those in Need!

With the hurricane tragedy up the east coast, like most of us my thoughts and prayers were with friends and business acquaintances in that region of the country.  I received a call from a friend and business colleague, Don.  He spent several minutes going into detail about his situation.  Don mentioned that, in the aftermath of 9/11, he updated his emergency kit with a hand-crank radio and boy was he glad that he had done so.  He said that his hand-crank radio was a lifeline for himself and his family.  Without electricity and unable to obtain gasoline, that radio kept him abreast of all that was happening in his community.  He said stores had sold out of batteries very soon following hurricane Sandy.  A hand-crank radio.  I’m ordering one next week from .  I think I’ll get plenty of fresh batteries, too.

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