Plug Into Your On-Air Energy

If you are a host of a talk radio show, listen to a few of your shows.  Gauge the fluctuation of energy levels.  You may notice that your own energy levels rise and fall.  When you’re doing a show you are, effectively, ON STAGE.  And, when you’re ON STAGE, it’s not about you, it’s about your audience.  It’s about what you can do for your sponsors.  It’s about being ‘in-the-moment’ for your guests.

Here’s a trick.  Play a mental game with yourself.  Obviously you need to prep for your show/guests.  The game, though, is this…when you sit in front of the mic or when you put your headphones on/ear buds in, imagine that you’re turning ON a switch.  That switch is an ENERGY switch.  It lets you know YOU ARE NOW ON STAGE.  Your energy level switch has been activated.

We’re human beings.  If you’re reading this and you’re not human, wow…that’s cool.  But when we (humans) do repetitious work, it’s difficult to keep energy levels high.  We seek out the new and exciting.  When you’re entertaining/informing an audience YOU are the new and exciting…every time you go on air.  Listeners seek to escape the mundane in their own lives or learn something of value from YOU and/or your guest.  Give them the best YOU possible every time you get in front of that mic.  Try this mental game thing and see if it works.  One thing is certain, it is REALLY obvious when a radio show lacks energy and enthusiasm.  Don’t fall into that trap!

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