Martin Luther King…Freedom, Passion, Reconciliation & Heroism

An impassioned reverend who preached to us all so honestly,eloquently and earnestly about freedom, peace and reconciliation, Martin Luther King’s voice is one we Americans still hear.  His is a face we still see every day when America as one nation looks at itself in a mirror.  But, hearing is not necessarily listening and a reflection shows us only how things appear on the outside…not our works nor does it reveal what we carry within ourselves individually and as a nation on the inside.

It helps, I think, to reflect upon and listen to those who lived in the time of Dr. King…who,of their own volition, peacefully acted upon the original precepts espoused by the American and world hero whose life we celebrate today: .

We can often learn a lot by looking back to reassess if our past and current efforts are works that truly represent the steep and rocky road to promise and freedom Dr.King, for example, so willingly, selflessly and bravely walked…in historical measurement…not all that many years ago.

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