Kathy Evans of “Write For You Life Stories” was Gary B’s Guest on Today’s Senior Living STL Show!

Prepare as you might, as a host you never REALLY know where a show guest will take your show…until the conversation actually begins.  Kathy Evans’ discussion about individual/family history and geneology was so very interesting and impactful to our listeners.  When we have guests on our shows we ask for 8-12 bullet points for discussion purposes.  That is important to keep the questions and the discussion conversational.  Sometimes, guests say things that stick with you.  Such was the case with Kathy.  She said, “Everyone has a life story…even if they don’t think they do”.   Kathy said families today are more child-focused and families of yesterday more family (extended family) focused.  The stories of those we love are important, irreplaceable.  Learn more about their lives…and, in turn, your own.  Visit:  www.writeforyoustl.com to learn more.

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