EG Radio Marketing is Growing…Now EG Media Group

Thanks to some great work done by our tEGMG EGMEDIAGROUPLOGOeam, EG Radio Marketing is transforming into EG Media Group.  The addition of Denale Powell as Sr. Market Manager has had a huge impact on our growth.  We’re about to launch the Liberty Tree Media Group 24/7 internet radio station.  Paramount to our ability to service clients and sponsors has been our strategic partnerships with Synchronicity, First Rule Radio, First Rule Film and Socially Present.  Thank you.

If you have a radio show, station, network or podcast entity…or, if you simply need a storage and/or a syndication/dispersal platform for audio & video…do yourself a favor and visit .  Synchronicity is operated by the best and the brightest…the people who created and launched companies like DG Systems and Spot Magic.  Yes…these are smart people with big brains, disruptive technology and ideas that save money and increase productivity.   

First Rule Film & First Rule Radio, both Pelopidas entities under the direction of Rob Glessner, are a force in the film and audio industry. To simply be associated with them is an honor. For more info, visit .

Socially Present is, in my opinion, is one of the most well crafted and operated social media and digital storytelling entities in existence today…that’s why we work with them…amazing!  Visit: .  

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