A Week to Recharge…

What a blessed Christmas season for EG Radio Marketing.  My sincere wish is that everyone in talk radio enjoys their happiest and most prosperous year ever in 2012.  I recieve emails from all over the United States asking me to listen to a show or inquiring about advice on how to obtain sponsorships for a radio show.  Remember that sponsorship opportunities begin with a professional, tight show that has either targeted/niche listening appeal or a broad reaching listnership.  The foundation has to be there.  If you’re not getting enough sponsorships…look at what you’re doing on your show…objectively.  A terrestrial radio show has to be a WIN (listener) – WIN (affiliate) -WIN (sponsor) – WIN (show) scenario.  The listener is ALWAYS first…ALWAYS.   So…as the new year approaches…take some time to recharge your show’s batteries; evaluate and improve it for your listening audience.  Engage the audience.  That’s why radio is such a great broadcast medium…callers provide you with INSTANT feedback.  If you’re not getting any callers…several factors could be in play…but, looking at show quality, and the show’s ability to keep listeners engaged on multiple levels, is the best place to start.

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