The Man Who Helps Make Radio Advertising Work

Writing advertising content is an art…especially when it comes to writing radio advertising content (spots) that ‘captures the interest’ of a buyer or your ‘target market’ immediately or even over a predetermined period of time. Writing spots that persuade a listener to ‘take action’ so the advertiser sees results (website visits, phone calls, leads, contests or in-the-door visits, etc.) is crucial to the success of radio and creating long-term relationships with big and small business clients.

Enter Tim Burt.  Tim is the content creation guru of and a genius. Tim would tell you he’s not a genius but instead would tell you that he’s written tens of thousands of commercials for radio and TV and, through proof-of-concept over the years, he simply knows what works and what doesn’t.  Tim’s mantra is to deliver results.  That is what the radio industry’s mantra should be…terrestrial or internet.  Listen to your clients.  What will work for them and how can it be made unique and memorable?  Write creative content well and work hard to get results for your clients.  Every client, every radio promotion, every spot MATTERS.

I wrote a blog a while back about the differences between ‘board ops’ and ‘radio producers’.  There’s a HUGE difference.  The same thing holds true for content creators.  There are people who say they are experts and then there are those very select few who really are experts…who know how to get results and can actually create a media marketing plan for your business, short-term & long-term, that WORKS.  Tim is the latter.

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