The Human Voice…and Radio

The human voice…there’s just something special about it: a beautiful song, a moving speech, a great story, a line we remember from a movie or a catchy commercial heard via radio or podcast.  The spoken word can make us laugh or move us to tears.  It can inform and at the same time extend a warm greeting…break down invisible barriers and engender trust.  Vocal stimuli, done right, can influence how and sometimes when consumers make purchases.  For example, effectively describing the otherworldly smell and taste of a great pizza. Or, how about vocalizing a tantalizing description of that ‘new car smell’ accompanied by the confidence and security you derive from driving a reliable and safe automobile?  There is no substitute for the subtlety and emotion inherent in the spoken word.  From a sales and marketing perspective, understanding the impact and persuasiveness of the spoken word is important for one simple reason…all consumers are human.

Key, is having an expert content writer and matching that content/client up with the right voice-over talent.  Never discount ‘theater-of-the-mind’.  Make opt-in for front row seating in that theater a reality for your listeners.  Your ad clients will thank you.

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