Synchronicity: effectively solving long standing problems for local radio, networks and syndicators…

Tracking, production redundancies, juggling multiple software platforms, dead air, auto-filling spots, affidavits, day-parting, ensuring your show even aired…these are just some of the issues that have plagued stations, station networks and syndicators, well, for a long time now.  EG Radio Marketing has been on the Synchronicity platform for nearly 18 months and we have been extremely pleased.  The cloud-based platform could have easily been called, ‘Simplicity’.  It really does not get any simpler for syndicators and the station(s) that receive their programming.  And, as Martha Stewart would say, “Simple…it’s a good thing.”  For stations ‘simple’ is paramount.  Stations do not have the manpower and time to fuss with something…even cutting-edge technology that increases productivity…if it isn’t easy to use.  Syndicators also have production overhead issues

We like the fact that Synchronicity audio is HD quality.  Copy-splitting is fast as are all copy changes for advertisers…and those changes can be made from virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection.  We think such versatility is of great value to advertisers and is also a meaningful way for stations/syndicators to seriously cement advertising relationships and compete more effectively for national spots.

We like working with professionals who help us solve problems…whether holistically or from an ala carte perspective. Part of the Synchronicity leadership team are some of the same folks who created DG Systems in the early 90’s.  Some radio professionals remember the positive impact that platform had on the industry.  We know Synchronicity will be vastly more transformative and will provide a substantially improved level of flexibility and profitability to stations, station groups and syndicators…we believe it will ‘level the playing field’, so to speak.

Some stations/networks we’ve spoken with have chosen to enable Synchronicity to work along side or in conjunction with their existing platform/software for a few days…to ease in to the new technology experience.  Some simply allow Synchronicity to run the programming for their station…spots, shows, everything.  Some multi-station groups like the versatility of self-syndicating some of their shows/content.

Marketron recently signed an agreement with Synchronicity.  THAT, says a lot about their investment in obtaining tomorrow’s multi-media content management and distribution technology TODAY with Synchronicity!

We have always viewed Synchronicity as a ‘high end’ content management, production and show distribution option that, in effect, pays for itself.  Look, this is an opinion piece…nothing more.  Synchronicity is an AMAZING a multi-media platform.  Our opinion is that it will have its fastest impact in the radio market space because we, other syndicators, stations and station groups need an edge…an edge that makes our content easier to obtain, easier to change and easier to produce.  We need to be more relevant IN our local market spaces.  Maybe Synchronicity is ‘the radio technology edge’ our industry needs at the station and syndication level to turn those wishes into reality.  Who else uses Synchronicity?  Town Square, First Rule Broadcast, WSJ, EG Radio Marketing…etc.  The future of radio is here.

Do what we did.  Visit .  Ask for Ron. Syndicators and stations may feel free to also reach out to EG Radio Marketing if they wish: .



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