Remembering Production Expert, Ron Alvey – Bristol Broadcasting

I try to never take anyone’s role in radio for granted.  Ron Alvey, who left to be with God last week, made it easy to respect and always be cognizant of the many roles he played at Bristol Broadcasting in Paducah, Kentucky.  Why?  How?  Because…not only was he an exemplary radio professional, but he was kind.  Yes, kind.  He exhibited all the traits that are best about the “radio family”.  The traits that make the radio community more like a tight-knit family unit where, although disparate and large in number, everyone kinda knows everyone else.  Ron was someone you WANTED to know…simply because knowing him was a sincere privilege.  To work with him in radio was an honor.  I was wowed just to be able to call him…friend.  For Ron, everyday was, “Let me see that.  I can fix that for you.”  A teaching moment usually came next, but he was always supremely gracious about it.  Grace…that’s it.  Ron was grace personified.  He will be missed but remembered well and often.

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