Radio Sales Executives…Give Spike Santee’s book, “The Four Keys To Advertising Success”, To Your Clients

I just ordered numerous copies of the above mentioned book (go to ) for both my clients and sales staff.  Spike is a no-nonsense guy and the book is an apt reflection of him and his advertising mantra.  It is a quick read, but you’ll want to use it as your own personal workbook.  I firmly believe it is important to be a marketing resource for your clients, not “just a radio ad salesperson”.  The book makes a great gift for small business clients and helps to engender trust by enabling clients/potential clients to understand LOCAL advertising and the fact that you are truly interested in helping their business grow.

The other thing I really like about the book is that it proactively addresses, for small businesses, the “easy-to-fall-into” advertising traps and encourages the development of an advertising plan/system that fits their small business.  This is a great read and I strongly recommend it!

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