Marketron & Synchronicity Sign Partnership

Integration Facilitates Programmatic Buying and Tracking

HAILEY, ID – October 1, 2015 – As Marketron champions automated advertising for its
7,000 member radio stations, it has aligned with cloud-based automation platform
Synchronicity in a unique five-year integration. Synchronicity will enable members to
record in real-time the upload, distribution, and cart numbering of radio
programming and advertising.

With Synchronicity, member broadcasters will have the ability to produce a live log
which provides them a new level of efficiency and flexibility. The new integration will
also allow agencies greater oversight by providing them a single access point from which
to insert a spot and monitor its performance in real-time.

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Synchronicity. This new
integration completes an important next step in enhancing the overall workflow for
broadcasters to include a live log and the real-time delivery of ad spots,” said Jeff Haley,
President and CEO, Marketron.

“Partnering with Marketron is an exciting step for us. The size and scale of their business
will undoubtedly accelerate the growth of our platform,” said John Armstrong, CEO,

About Marketron
Marketron is the media industry’s leading provider of business software solutions and
services, and specializes in revenue management and audience engagement solutions.
With more than 7,000 media organizations served, Marketron solutions are the most
widely used in the world and manage an estimated $15 billion in annual advertising
revenue in the United States alone.

About Synchronicity
Synchronicity is the world’s first all-inclusive programming and advertising production,
distribution, and broadcast infrastructure cloud service platform explicitly designed for
the radio industry. Synchronicity brings together talent, program producers, syndicators,
advertising agencies, and radio station operations on one common platform to speed up
and simplify media production, distribution, and playout

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