New Radio Show…Top 10 Ways to Get Started Right!

I proudly listened to the second airing of Animal Wise STL on Sports Radio AM 1380, Grand Slam Sports, airing at 8am CST in St. Louis.  The hosts, Tara Brooks DVM,  of Affton Veterinary Clinic, and personal dog trainer, Matt Koch, are unpretentious, fun, informative and most of all passionate about pet care.  They are providing a wonderful (and entertaining) public service to Greater St. Louis pet owners.  Their broadcasting prowess will improve with each show.   They made some smart decisions about how to move forward with Animal Wise STL.    Be like Tara and Matt and get your own radio show started the right way with these helpful hints:

  1. Be knowledgeable about your subject matter
  2. Be passionate about what you espouse…walk-the-walk & talk-the-talk
  3. Don’t neglect the business side of things…create a business plan….create a fun, informative layout for the show…understand a radio show is a time and lifestyle commitment…broadcast insurance is a must
  4. Partner with the right station…one that will support you effectively and provide you growth opportunities
  5. Use professional voice-over experts (Alyson Steel & Zak Miller are fine examples)
  6. Develop relationships with experienced radio gurus…seek  advise from industry mentors
  7. Be BOLD like Dr. Tara & Matt…go “LIVE” right out of the gate if you can
  8. Create common sense, targeted long-term sponsorships with companies whose values and products you believe in
  9. Be committed to social media…putting it to work for you…(questions about SM…see  )…include internet radio
  10. Have FUN, FUN, FUN
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