Making Emotional Connections On Your Radio Shows

I consider myself a student of life.  I enjoy learning new things, seeing what other companies are doing and taking note of those actions that make some companies uber successful.  Take The Home Depot for example.  They expend a lot of energy in teaching employees to seek out ways to make an emotional connection with their customers.  And, they reward them for it…even if that connection requires the company to expend extra time/manpower to follow-through for a customer.  An elderly customer purchases one item but can’t get it home.  They are on a fixed income and they couldn’t safely operate a rented pick-up even if they wanted to.  A school needs a putt-putt hole built for a charity event to raise money for their band.  A man shows up to pick up a fridge…and the wooden bed of his trailer is partially rotted out.  The Home Depot’s Managers and associates are trained to recognize such scenarios as opportunities to better connect with their customers. One, two or three-man hours spent delivering an item for free, quickly building a VERY professional putt-putt hole or replacing the wooden slats of a customer’s dilapidated trailer are unexpected acts of kindness that translate into life-long customer loyalty.  The ROI…a customer for life and a grass-roots marketing – word-of-mouth GOLDMINE.  The lesson here is…NEVER underestimate the POWER of making an emotional connection with your clients and…we could use a little more kindness in this rush rush world of ours anyway.  Empowering employees to make such decisions for customers goes beyond just great customer service.  It is an excellent example of smart leadership and shrewd business acumen.

For our radio sponsors, we can use that live read, that sixty-second spot to do the same thing; we can work to identify a problem/emotional need a listener may have…and touch upon how your sponsor can solve that problem.  Where lies their pain (as it relates to your sponsor’s service or product) and what do you say that engenders trust and connects emotionally with the listener…that convinces listeners that making contact with your sponsor is well worth their time because that sponsor can help them solve a problem and eliminate their pain and frustration?

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