Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Show, with host Bill Wardell, is slated to begin Dec 7th, 2013

I cannot adequately express how excited I am about this show and the host, Bill Wardell.  What a fine man and staunch advocate for child/teen safety.  He’s also a great “technology continuing ed” resource for us parents and grandparents.  One of the show segments will be titled, “Trending with Teens”…and it doesn’t just cover internet/technology.

Bill has enjoyed a loyal internet radio following for years.  Now, we’re taking it to the next level and focusing on one main topic…which is keeping our kids safe.  We’ll be syndicating the show from KTMP AM1340 in the beautiful Wasatch mountain range town of Heber City, Utah…just down the road from Park City, Utah (ski-town USA).  The show promises to be just as spectacular and impactful as the mountain scenery.

Follow Bill on facebook at .  Changes to the website are in the works. Included will be a monthly newsletter for parents and a special age-specific “Make Smart Choices” internet/cell phone resource guide for kids and teens.  Proactive in his approach, Bill explains “tomorrow’s technology” today…in a way most of us parents can understand.  Bill’s passion about his message, tech and teen knowledge, great guests and “front-page” topics all come together to offer the promise of an important, informative and interactive radio show.

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