Drawn to Whitetails (D2W) Launches Sunday, September 4th, on Bristol Broadcasting, Paducah, KY.

We are soooooo happy our friends at Socially Present introduced us to Drew, Benji and the entire D2W crew (www.drawntowhitetails.com ).  Our team has been following D2W for quite a few months and their website/video content absolutely ROCKS!  And, we always enjoy working with our friends from ‘back home’.

We will be distributing/syndicating the one-hour weekly radio show via www.synchronicity.co .  Thank you WDXR 102.5 FM for the studio and air time.  We look forward to the ‘realness’ the show will bring to outdoors enthusiasts all over the country.  An upcoming guest will be one of the most popular outdoor show hosts ever, hunting & fishing world record holder, Tred Barta.  Tred will discuss smart pre, in-season & post-season bow hunting practices (and he hunts with a standard longbow, folks).  He’ll also discuss his upcoming book, “Driven”.

This may be our last EG Radio posting.  We morph into EG Media Group over the next few weeks…everything will be re-directed to the new website built by Socially Present.  Our other brand, Liberty Tree Media Group, will also be ramping up!

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