2012 Recap…Moving Forward 2013

Admittedly, I should be drawn and quartered for my lapse in keeping up with my EGRM blogging.  I could list a ton of reasons…but that’s a cop-out.  So, let’s recap, then look forward with today’s blog.

2012 was a great year for EG Radio Marketing.  First…thank you, Lord, for everything.  Working with Anissa and Bill Wardell (  www.thepublicistsassistant.com  and www.KOKSradio.com ) has been wonderful.  With a lot of planning and hard work, we’ve created several services and products to put into effect in 2013.  Of course, working with the radio show hosts has been phenomenal as has been our sponsor partnerships.  Craig Gordon and Lane Constant of www.constant-coverage.com and www.premiernationalbenefits.com have been nothing short of amazing.  Helping guide FYIcode ( www.fyicode.com ) within the terrestrial radio vertical was both a privilege and a valuable learning experience.  Special thanks to the stupendous  Zak Miller (www.zakmillervoices.com ) and KB of www.kbvoiceovers.com …I soooo enjoy working with THE BEST!  I have thoroughly enjoyed working hand-in-hand with a brilliant man by the name of Don Muller to tailor his product, “Colossus”, for insertion into the radio and business market spaces.  I have enjoyed the work I’ve done for www.americaswealthmanagementshow.com and www.drkipp.com (Doctor’s Orders Radio Show)…looking forward to working with The Home Show.  Special thanks also goes out to Jim Rippel, Mark Noble, Randall Hall and Warren Roche…what a team!  Thank you Sheri Walker, Mike Calvin, Dr. Tara Brooks, Mike Paradiso, Skip Joeckel, Professor David England, Gary B, Randy Gardner, Matt Koch, Jeff Arthur, Chris Riley, Sensei Earnest Hart, Amy Krabbe, Tom Bamford, Jon Brunts, Frank DeSantis and Gary Schonfeld!   Working with the folks at Paraquad and their Accessible STL initiative was such a huge blessing.  Thank you Pam Perlmutter ( www.paraquad.org ), Ben Ragain, Steven Esparza and John Stephens of The Home Depot!

2013…here’s a list of EGRM shows in St. Louis:  Animal Wise STL, Senior Living STL, Happily Married Husband, Excalibur Business Coaching Show and the STL Biz Show…America’s Wealth Management Show, for which EGRM does some contracting work, also airs in STL.  Coming soon to STL will be…Sensei Hart Radio Show & Sports Radio STL.  Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Show with Bill Wardell is currently on Blogtalk Radio and will…soon, I hope…be broadcast from a terrestrial station in Orem/Salt Lake, Utah.  Eye on the Market with David England will soon be on in Paducah, KY and, hopefully, Carbondale, IL.  Relationships with Lifelock, Ameridoc, Constant Coverage, Bo Govea and www.102030go.com , Omni Advantage and My Notify will be ramped-up dramatically.  Anissa, Bill and EGRM will also be debuting September Living, an innovative senior web news paper.  EGRM & TPA will also develop a speakers bureau late Spring.  Whew…  We hope to bring on some sponsorship sales professionals in the VERY near future, too!  We will continue to work for Accessible STL & Paraquad and we will be bringing several child-centric charities into our radio family.

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