You can think it…but don’t say (or tweet) it!

Hey…we’re all fallible.  It is impossible to be 100% perfect as a media personality when you spend SOOOO much time talking, communicating with listeners via terrestrial radio, email and social media.  That said…a story recently struck the St. Louis market about the use of inappropriate language by a radio personality while he was communicating with someone on Twitter.  This particular host, who airs a show at a WONDERFUL station, ignored his professional responsibility to his listeners, sponsors, the station and to himself…if only momentarily.  Sometimes a moment is all it takes.  There are many public personalities who also have corporate radio-business responsibilities.  They must remember that their office is EVERYWHERE.  Inherent in the position of “radio show host” is a professional business responsibility; a responsibility to uphold the corporate values of their radio station, its employees and most importantly to the station’s sponsors and listeners.  Hey…being controversial is acceptable.  Being vulgar, if only for a moment, is both inappropriate and a PR nightmare.  The really sad thing is…we all have moments when we say or do something we’d like to take back.  The aforementioned radio host is exceptionally gifted, intelligent, witty and funny and I wish him continued success.

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