Why….. why should I devote part of my ad budget to your radio show?

Why?  My grandson is ALWAYS asking me this question.  But, WHY papaw?  Sponsors, justifiably so, want to understand the “why” behind their investment.  Know your radio show’s listening audience and marketing capabilities and you’ll be able to articulate an appropriate, succinct response to those types of questions.  A mentor and good friend of mine, Jamie Futrell of Bristol Broadcasting, said this during a recent meeting with an important sponsor: “Here’s the reason why radio is such a good advertising choice…obviously, your goal is to get folks to remember your company and utilize your service.  Repitition is key!  If I tell a hundred people, once each, about your company…they MAY remember you a few months down the road.  But, if I talk to ten people on ten separate occasions about your business and the excellent service you provide…well, which scenario do you think will net your company the best results?”   Jamie works so hard for his advertising clients…providing them with the highest possible ROI.  In this instance, he provided a simple, direct explanation of why that company should advertise via radio on Jamie’s stations/radio show.  Jamie knows that if appropriately presented with the information, his radio audience will purchase that company’s goods and/or services…and, armed with conviction and common sense, he provided an example of how proper radio exposure was going to make that a reality for his client.  This is GOOD STUFF…but, it won’t stop a grandson from persistently asking….why?

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