Radio Guest, Author William Donius, Teaches That Being Comfortable Doesn’t Always Equate to Happiness

Meeting and learning from new and interesting people is one of the greatest perks to being “in-radio”.  Surrounding one’s self with interesting people…people who can mentor you and are smarter than you are…that’s been a long-time mantra of mine and this profession gives me the opportunity to LIVE and practice that life and business approach each and every day.

When EG Radio Marketing/STL Biz Show & Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show conducted our “on-air”  Business Leadership Roundtable a few months back, one of our leadership panel experts was William (Bill) Donius, former CEO of a very large bank in St. Louis and author of the book, “Thought Revolution: How To Unlock Your Inner Genius“.  Do yourself a favor and buy the hard copy or zip it on over to your Kindle or other digital reading device.  It is a fascinating read and revealing process to learn how to engage right-brain thinking.  The book touts the findings of some amazing neuroscientists and has even sparked new brain/thought research studies…impactful to say the least.

Bill’s book is an intellectual read, certainly, but most of all I found it to be a fun read.  As an avid reader, for me that is not the norm when it comes to self-improvement books.   Additionally, there are a number of profound life lessons I took from the book.  One that stuck out for me was the paradox of prosperity.  Bill quotes Columbia University professor Andrew Delbanco, author of “The Real American Dream: A Meditation on Hope: “The paradox of prosperity is while living standards have risen steadily decade after decade, personal, family and life satisfaction haven’t budged.  The most striking feature of contemporary culture is the craving for transcendence.”   Ironically, that’s why EG Radio Marketing focuses on business and family-centric talk radio programs that address the very concerns Bill Donius and Professor Delbanco bring to light.  Being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re truly happy.  Transcendence…love that word.  Spiritually, emotionally, professionally we look to transcend.  But, many of us have left behind the exuberance, passions and dreams of our youth, what Dr. Lucia Capacchione and Bill refer to as our inner child. 

Admittedly, life is very much about the mundane, getting done what needs to be done, work, the welfare and preservation of the family, perpetuating family and spiritual values…a home, transportation, insurance, etc.  Yet, as Bill points out, life is also about passion, the indulgence of self-improvement and self-expression…the excitement of taking risks…defining yourself, not allowing yourself to be defined by others, current circumstances or the sometimes devastating emotional scars some experience in the formative years of our youth.  Our radio shows are hosted by people, some experts in their field, who teach and advocate these same principles:empowerment, strength of character in business and family, facilitators who lift people up, not foster ill will or sow seeds of discontent and complacency.  Our interview of Bill Donius on the Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show a while back was AMAZING… edutainment…GREAT talk radio!   I encourage radio stations to interview Bill.  Visit his website for more details: .

EGRM is NEVER comfortable.  We (our shows and hosts) are creating our own path, one that focuses on family and business; one that embraces technology and the evolution of radio/media, but a path that leads to the understanding that whether business or family…EVERYTHING we do centers around helping people, providing them with the tools to improve their lives, the lives of their children and their businesses as well.  Thank you, Tara Brooks, Chris Riley, Jeff Arthur, Gary Baute, Ruth Gerchen, Dr. Kipp, Leisa Jenkins, Earnest Hart, Jr., Randy Gardner, Bill & Anissa Wardell, Mike Wilkerson, Scott Roberts, Eric Levy, Ron Metzinger, Skip Joeckel, Jamie Futrell, David England, Ben Newman and John O’Leary.

As Jeff Arthur, founder of Excalibur Coaching Institute and host of “Excalibur Business and Life Coaching Show” is prone to saying, “Okay…Ragain, define success for me?”  Coach, I think I just did.

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