Please Exercise Your Right to Vote

It is easy for us to become so wrapped up in our lives…our family life, our work life, our college life and our “me-time” life…that we forget what a great country, what great liberties we enjoy.  And, enjoy them we do.  As well we should, because they are “God-given”.  To whom much is given much is expected.  It can be argued that thousands upon thousands of our fellow Americans have died, so we can continue to enjoy this country and the rights bestowed upon us by an omnipotent God.  Yet, only about 50% or so of us vote during presidential elections and that percentage is much less during mid-term elections.

It is also understandable that many of voting age distrust and detest what our political election process has become. Skeptical views toward career politicians who amass millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars, to run for or retain their existing elected office positions.  Our country’s debt to GDP ratio is outrageous, leaving our republic in the irresponsible position of prostituting all we hold dear to appeal for financial support from countries with deplorable human rights records and with whom we have huge trade deficits.  It is easy to be cynical and just as easy to simply choose not to participate in the election process.

In truth, the most important aspect of this republic is the freedom to vote and ensuring the REAL power of government remains in the hands of the electorate.  Every vote does count.  Every person’s views matter.  Enjoy the process.  Do a bit of research.  Inform yourself about those running for office.  If a candidate has held/is holding office, explore their record(s).   In the end, the power resides in each registered voter.  If you aren’t registered, please do so and vote.

What if 85% of vote-eligible Americans voted in each election?  What if we treated the right to vote with the reverence and diligence it deserves?  What if we truly believed each vote made a difference…that our vote is really an exercise in freedom?  How different, how much better from all perspectives would America be today?

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