Participative Marketing for Local Radio

This is a 2003 article, but very much to the point as it relates to radio and interacting with an (your) listening audience.  The article is primarily about marketing, but it touches on radio as a marketing platform.  The article also illustrates that if you’re in the talk radio business, interacting with your listening audience can provide you with instant feedback about your message.  Take a read…participatory section is the last section in the article, but the whole read is a good one: .

Here are some 2011 statistics to stow away up in the old gray matter: 93% of Americans 12+ listen to radio each week…with approximately 14 hours of “tune-in” weekly (Radar 110, September Arbitron 2011).  Social media users favor radio over TV and cable (Scarborough USA 2011). ..hence, radio listeners are much more likely to be users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  As the character Kenny Banya of the tv show, Seinfeld, said, “That’s gold, Jerry!  Gold!”

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