Make The Most of Your Talk Radio Show…

Radio show hosts are, by and large, very busy people.  Many run their own businesses or work at the VP level and above at large companies.  Many parley their expertise into books, materials they market on their show websites and, of course, they parley their business and life passions into radio shows.  All the successful talk radio show hosts effectively outsource or are adept themselves in social media and digital marketing.  Additionally, all successful hosts are experts in time management…they make the most out of their work time each and every day.  Here are some helpful hints for aspiring radio show entrepreneurs:

  • Focus on making your show the VERY BEST it can be…every radio show NEEDS to evolve…seek objective advice and welcome constructive criticism…make the show YOUR OWN….but, work hard to make it marketable…it is a process…embrace it
  • Don’t neglect the business side of having a radio show: smart business plan, broadcast insurance, effectively covering broadcast expenses, etc.
  • Reboot often during each and every show…tell listeners/new listeners about your show and how you can be reached via email, website, FB and other social media
  • Create smart & interesting segments that match what your show is all about
  • Remember a show needs to be a “winner” for the listener, for the affiliate, for your show sponsors and for the show
  • Prioritize and get those 8-10 most important show-specific tasks completed…each and every day
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