Looking to Improve Your Radio Voice…Your Public Speaking or Singing Voice?

Aspiring radio personalities take notice.  Take your voice…not to the next level, but beyond!  I’ve been blessed to have made the acqaintance of and recieved voice instruction from Sheila Dugan in St. Louis, Missouri.  Wow…what a talented and gifted voice teacher.  So…if you are a broadcaster, aspiring broadcaster, singer or public speaker, do contact Sheila.  I highly recommend.  So often, we are remiss in making and taking the time to invest in ourselves.  Our voices are God-given instruments.  Sheila is a mythbuster and a vocal educator who will teach you the “why” behind the inner workings of the human voice.  She adores working with entertainment professionals.  The voice is like a fingerprint…every voice, every student is different.  Sheila understands that.  She’ll work with you where you are currently with your vocal acumen and give you the knowledge and tools with which you can improve.  You’ll find no babying here…you’ll work.  But, it is truly a labor of love.  Invest in yourself.  Check out Sheila at: http://www.sheiladugan.com/  .

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