Learfield Communications: they exercise what they espouse

This week I was fortunate to have been provided a close look at the headquarters and operations of Learfield Communications. Every now and then I run across a company where, from the first phone call or first in-person visit, I become the beneficiary of a phenomenal business culture experience. Such was the case with my visit to Learfield. It began with a greeting from the ‘operations hub director’, Georgia, as I entered the foyer. It wasn’t a waiting room. It was a ‘greeting’ room. With grace and warmth, Georgia greeted me as I walked in, confirmed my meeting with the Business Development Director and contacted him to announce my arrival. Taking note of my surroundings, I observed the company’s vision statement on the wall beneath their logo: ‘Build the team. Grow the company. And, have FUN!’

In my subsequent meeting and tour, I was blown away. Not only was there an amazing culture ingrained in the ‘team’, which was evident in the greetings of ‘hello’ to warm smiles to the almost tangible passion of team members to not only be in the radio/media business, but also evident was their dedication to put forth nothing short of exemplary content. Compared to the radio industry standard, their employee turnover rate is low. Additionally, theirs is a company that prepares for industry change by BEING an industry leader in all facets including technology, programming, sales and community relations. Their relationships with both their affiliates and advertising clients are sacrosanct and highly valued. I suspect their advertising clients reciprocate by placing a high value on their Learfield relationships.

It is no surprise to me that in a time of high debt and commonplace stagnation in the radio industry, Learfield is experiencing substantial growth. It is obvious that they have created a productive, systematic approach to media wherein they deliver an extremely high level of competency and value to their clients. They have the RIGHT people in key decision-making positions and their entire team lives and espouses their company vision.

What a privilege to have been their guest for an afternoon. That visit has caused me to re-evaluate my commitment to excellence and the strategies we use to effect positive results for our clients and shows.
For more on Learfield, visit: http://www.learfield.com/ .

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