Honorable Francis Slay, Mayor of St. Louis,Visits with Dr. Tara and Matt on the Animal Wise STL Show!

When you schedule radio interviews you never know exactly how well the interview will go until you are in the middle of it.  Today, Dr. Tara Brooks and Matt Koch, co-hosts of the Animal Wise STL Show, were given the opportunity to interview Mayor Slay.  The main topic of discussion was the new Animal Cruelty Task Force that Mayor Slay and the City of St. Louis, in concert with Stray Rescue, have enacted…AND…the extremely revolutionary concept of having a veteran STL Metropolitan Police Officer dedicated to that task force.

What ended up happening, through the course of the interview, was the fact that the show hosts and the listeners could REALLY “hear” the passion Mayor Slay has for not only the city and its citizens/neighborhoods, but also for pets.  This is a man whose family has adopted several rescue dogs over the years…even a wonderful special needs pet; a well-loved family pet, both deaf and blind.

All of us at EGRM really appreciated the Mayor taking time out of his weekend to visit with the Animal Wise STL show.  Seldom do our leaders open themselves up to being so vulnerable on the radio.  In doing so for Animal Wise STL listeners, Mayor Slay “connected” with them.  The mayor illustrated that being a strong leader sometimes means exposing the fact that you’re simply a very hard-working and dedicated man who sincerely cares for the city, its unique communities…and, its pets.

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