EG Radio Marketing Adds Phenomenal & Unique Travel Show to It’s Lineup!

Bill Clevlen is just…different.  What I mean is that he possesses a truly unique perspective about business, about life and…about travel. He is the host of “Bill on the Road” radio show (also available in podcast).  With sincerity and a humble, yet skillful attitude, he has the ability to put people at ease and capture the “realness” of them at work or leisure via audio and/or video.  He cares and people see and feel that about Bill.

Bill is not a travel expert.  Nor does he claim to know the best way to get the cheapest air fares or best hotel rates.  What he does do well is key in on what really makes a city, town or event interesting to travelers.  In a real sense he delivers Americana via “two-lane America”.  Journey with Bill and find out…what’s around the bend.  Visit  View this link to learn more: .

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