Building a Radio Show Is Hard Work, But Rewarding…

Some of us simply like building things.  Most building projects begin with a solid foundation.  New radio shows are little different.  I enjoy watching talk radio shows go from concept, to reality…from the rocky debut broadcast…to moments of talk radio brilliance…to, eventually, an audience-building, sustainable and marketable product.

Animal Wise STL has been a rewarding journey this past year.  Radio newbies, Dr. Tara Brooks (Owner of Affton Veterinary Clinic, St. Louis) and Matt Koch (expert dog trainer at Kennelwood Village, St. Louis), have overcome their “radio fears” .  They sacrifice and do many of the professional things that must be done to keep the show on the air.  But, they are not talk radio professionals, nor do they aspire to be.  They are…simply themselves…passionate about what they do for a living and eager to help people and their pets lead more pleasurable, enriching lives.  They know their respective crafts exceedingly well and they LIVE what they espouse.  THAT is what makes them fun to listen to on the radio.  Educating, laughing, and providing listeners with great pet-centric interviews.

As we near the beginning of year #2 with Animal Wise STL, I just wanted to say how thankful  I am to work with such dedicated professional and compassionate people like Dr. Tara & Matt.  The show will be branching out regionally this year for sure and who knows how extensive the listening audience will be a year from today?

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