Break a Leg!

There are obviously many variables involved in the creation of a quality talk-radio show.  Animal Wise hosts, Veterinarian, Tara Brooks, and Master Trainer, Matt Koch and I had a fantastic planning meeting last evening.  They are thinking outside-the-box and instituting some really fun segments into their show.  That IS important.  But, what is most important is the level of passion, expertise and sincerity they bring to the airwaves.  Yes…radio really is “theatre of the mind“.  That passion and sincerity, though intangible, is directly transferrable to the listening audience.  That is part of the magic of radio…it has been ever since the inception of this most flexible of media formats.    Without that passion…a radio show ceases to become a “destination” and is relegated to being  just another blip on the radio dial.  So…break a leg, leave it all on the field…be professional, but be passionate about what you espouse on your radio show.  That resonates with listeners…and, a loyal listening audience…resonates with potential advertisers.

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