Volunteering Positively Impacts Your Business…and, Your Life

Volunteering in a meaningful and constructive way is sooooooo rewarding…and, good for business.  How is it good for business?  Here’s a couple of examples.  When meeting on the marketing committee board for Paraquad I learn so much about St. Louis: ease of accessibility for EVERYONE in the Greater St. Louis area, how businesses and services cater to those with limited or wheelchair access…and, I am blessed to brainstorm with some of the best and brightest marketing minds in the metro area.  In volunteering my time I receive rewards far exceeding anything materialistic or monetary and I obtain information and contacts that, otherwise, I may never have acquired.

Along with John O’Leary of Rising Above and Zach Moffitt of Crawford Broadcasting, I met with Jerry Hart of Valley Industries (www.valleyind.net)  in Hazelwood and Bob Swank, President and CEO of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce (www.northwestchamber.com) .  We toured the fantastic Valley Industries facility and learned about the incredible problem-solving work they do for Fortune 500 companies.  I met a worker afflicted with wheelchair-bound Cerebral Palsy named Keith Shepherd.  Keith (and all the workers at the manufacturing-production warehouse) is never late for work and his attendance is exceptional.  Keith does production work on a daunting scale…day after day, hour after hour…with only one adroit functioning arm.  What he lacks physically is more than compensated for by his strength of will, attitude and committment to his work.  I learned the importance of maintaining a creative, productive, inquisitive mindset that asks “how can I make this work” as opposed to “gosh…here are all the reasons this won’t work”.

I learned of Jerry and Bob’s committment to the NW Chamber and to the business and manufacturing potential of the area surrounding Lambert Airport and to the entire Greater St. Louis community.   I learned how non-St. Louisans view the St. Louis region from a business standpoint:  1)we have immediate access to the greatest waterway transportation system in the Americas…2) 43% of the population of the United States of America resides within 500 miles of St. Louis…3) 80% of ALL US trucking goes through St. Louis.

Now…after reading this…do you think the 3 hours of time and my commitment for future volunteering to these organizations will positively impact my business…and more importantly my life?  Duh….

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