EG Radio Marketing and Liberty Tree Media Group Launch 24/7 Internet Radio Station!

What a 2014 we had and…WOW, did our team ever finish strong.  I am so very proud of everyone.  Our partnership with Synchronicity ( ) has been AMAZING. if you are a radio station, radio show or podcast, do yourself a favor and check them out.  You will be glad you did.  We have been strategizing with the experts at Pelopidas since November ( & )…top-tier organizations with ‘first-round-draft-pick’ talent.

Again, because of the strength of the synchronicity platform, we are launching our 24/7 internet radio station.  By quarter #2 of 2015, we hope to see EGRM & LTMG with their own separate stations.  A sizable faith-based network and station is in the works.  Shout and TuneIn are strategic partners enabling this important audio media platform enhancement.  Moving forward, all our shows will be available on iTunes and Stitcher moving forward.  This is also a great boon to our advertisers and sponsors.

EG Radio Marketing will morph into EG Media Group (the ‘EG’ stands for Elbow Grease).  Our programming will remain business and family-centric in nature. In addition to the shows, EG Media Group will be focusing on promoting our show hosts and some of our frequent expert guests via specific events for seniors, webinars, public speaking and other business oriented events. Via our trusted partnerships, we will also incorporate into our marketing platform more business services for clients: social media, web design, branding & logo design, business coaching, health & wellness programs, key employee placement for companies, systems management, television commercial/short documentary video production, corporate safety, terrorism awareness events for corporations and manufacturers, business growth strategies, business insurance, and we are preparing targeted anti-bullying/character/self-esteem programs for youth.

Liberty Tree Media Group will focus on politics (left-of-center/right-of-center and libertarian) and shows that center on educating listeners about green/sustainable technology.  Additionally, a third and primary focus will be informative self-reliance and programming. LTMG will offer/promote webinars, seminars and events on: green technology/organic gardening/hobby farming, protecting our waterways, safety & self-awareness, and specialized self-awareness a safety training for female high school student/parents as well as for female college students.

2015 promises to be a banner year!

The Radio Web Marketing Resource For Business & Family-Centric Programming | Scott Ragain – President, EG Radio Marketing


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