Rising Above with John O’Leary Re-launch Scheduled for May, 2012

Thanks to the success of the Rising Above radio show…courtesy of host John O’Leary, his show topics and amazing, passionate and inspiring guests…we are planning a re-launch, hopefully the week prior to Mother’s Day week.  The Mother’s Day week show will feature John’s mother, Susan O’Leary, and the book she and her husband, Denny wrote, ” Overwhelming Odds” .  Both new shows will reveal insights, from very different perspectives, about the gasoline explosion, massive burn injury and subsequent surgeries and healing John underwent beginning at age 9…the heroes that made a difference in their lives… and the role faith played during those intensely trying times and in their lives today.  For more see: http://www.rising-above.com/  and http://www.truthtalk630.com/  .

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