Community Involvement…Come Out of Your Comfort Zone, Engage…Render Your Support

America is a country of “doers”.  She always has been and I hope she always will be.  If you are able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself and extend your business skills and influence out into the community, please do so.  It is “American” in the purest sense and in doing so you and your business will reap from the seed you sow.  The greatest benefits, of course, are not monetary.  As Rising Above’s John O’Leary always says, “Ask yourself…what more can I do?”  If you are always “reaching”, someone will eventually grab your hand…and, together, great things (like those listed below) can happen:

  • This week…Kerri Morgan, Paraquad Board Member, Occupational Therapist “reached” and in doing so will now represent St. Louis and America in the London Paralympics…setting a new American Record in the Paralympic Trials
  • In June, St. Louis business leaders met and dedicated themselves to making their businesses accessible to ALL persons:  see
  • This week…Affton Veterinary Clinic and Animal Wise STL show host, Tara Brooks DVM, travels to Armenia to study endangered vipers vital to the European ecosystem…Dr. Brooks dedicates time and reptile expertise to the St. Louis Zoo
  • Happily Married Husband radio show host, Randy Gardner, earns another Emmy…because he was moved to create a video telling the stories of families who have lost loved ones “in the line of duty”
  • Last week…Kirkwood – Des Peres Chamber’s Jim Wright asked the question… “What more can we do to help our chamber businesses and our region?”… the ideas that stemmed from that meeting were truly amazing
  • Last week…the owners of FYIcode (a revolutionary mobile media/website product with audio messaging that can function”hands-free” while driving in a car) reached out to Amber Alert, Paraquad and the Alzheimer’s Association in an effort to use their product to help people
  • Bill Wardell gives of his time to create a radio show dedicated to “Keeping Our Kids Safe”

Wow…think about it…as a business owner/leader, what are you missing out on by running your business with blinders on?  More importantly, what are those in YOUR community missing out on because you’ve chosen not to engage and render support?  I know times are tough for small business…believe me, I know.  Extend a hand anyway…reach out…someone WILL reach out and take that hand…and, together…who knows what will happen?  Reach out…find a cause…and with great expectation…expect GREAT THINGS!

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