Why Use Radio/Archived Radio Shows & Podcasting to Reach Your Target Market?

Audio Media/Radio & Archived Shows:

  • Weekly broadcast radio audience exceeds 240 million and is increasing
  • Locally, radio’s reach can aid a company or product’s marketing plan in several key ways: it is inexpensive when compared to television (and in many cases, print media as well), it creates awareness, it is an effective promotional tool, it encourages word-of-mouth and social networking engagement
  • 93% of Americans over twelve years of age are reached by radio EACH WEEK…great demographic advertising reach tool
  • Every car is a radio on wheels and a theater of the mind
  • On average, radio listeners 18+ spend about 90 minutes listening to radio each day
  • Radio is an intrusive and intimate advertising medium given that many listeners are alone when your ad plays
  • Radio enables you, the business owner, to brand yourself…your voice FOR your local clients
  • Radio responds to the needs of advertisers…the ad or event message can be changed easily and quickly
  • Men and women over 18 years of age average nearly 14 hours of radio listening time each week
  • Radio reaches buyers outside the home while they are out & about making purchases and radio is the most used medium just prior to shopping
  • Radio is a strong tool to utilize to build “brand trust” and “brand recall”
  • Radio is a smart way to reach the baby boomer market via targeted programming
  • Talk radio listeners are passionate…they trust and are loyal to show hosts who educate and improve their work lives and their home and family life
  • Online radio reaches over 89 million listeners weekly and it is mobile
  • Audio streaming listenership is a highly listened to platform from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday
  • Archived shows can be set up to continue advertising your product or service and they are mobile


  • Tens of millions of Americans download podcasts each month
  • Podcasting is ON DEMAND by host or topic…a super niche marketing tool
  • Podcasting is an intimate way to provide information in smaller doses of time…20-60 minutes
  • Podcasts can be archived and can continually offer your product or service via sponsorship
  • Pleased podcast listeners often forward podcasts to their friend and people with similar interests
  • Podcast sponsorship provides advertisers with quantifiable data
  • Want to REALLY target an audience for events, products and brand awareness…podcasting enables effective niche marketing for sponsors: business shows, political shows, green shows, self-reliance shows, family shows, etc…
  • Podcasts are mobile via cell phone, tablet or laptop


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