Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio Show Takes To The Internet Airwaves!

The time for this show is NOW.  Bill Wardell, passionate about being as proactive as possible when it comes to keeping our kids safe, jumped in with both feet this past week and took to the airwaves.  Listen to the debut Keeping Our Kids Safe (KOKS) radio show with Bill Wardell at .  Wow…who is this guy, you may ask?

I know Bill.  He is an internet, digital media expert…no question about it.  Plus, he knows about child safety issues.  Bill is father and a wonderful family man.  When Bill talks about safety for our kids…he’s sincere.  This is his passion:  providing parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers…and yes, the kids themselves…with the informational armor they need to combat dangerous trends, crimes and injustices against our kids in this ever-changing and sometimes dangerous world.

Let’s face it…our children are introduced to far more negative, detrimental information in and outside of school than previous generations ever could have imagined.  The world is now at our children’s fingertips via computer and phone.  Love and good parenting by Moms and Dads (staying involved, setting boundaries, communicating and teaching them that bad decisions have consequences/accountability) is paramount.  As parents we must exercise our right to insulate our children when it seems appropriate to do so.  Asking our children to grow up too fast is unfair.  The more dangerous elements they are exposed to, the more likely they are going to make some poor judgement calls.  Bill Wardell and the KOKS radio show is an information conduit through which parents can stay informed.  There’s no ulterior motive or secret agenda here…its all about keeping our kids safe.

I’m not saying this is the worst and most dangerous period in American history.  What I am saying is this: it is immensely more difficult in today’s society for a kid…to just be an innocent little kid…and enjoy that freedom, that innocence.  We parents know that WE need to be the primary “instructors” of our children.  And that instruction, in my opinion, needs to be done on OUR terms…not the world’s terms.

All of our children will exercise judgement and make choices in life.  Bill simply wants to give parents and kids the opportunity to discuss issues and be informed enough to make “correct” decisions in the comfort and care of their own homes as opposed to making “poor” decisions outside the home when under pressure by adverse circumstances/peers.

Stay informed.  Listen to Keeping Our Kids Safe with host, Bill Wardell.  You can read the KOKS blog at  .  KOKS Radio Show will be on terrestrial radio very soon!

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