What Is Your “Why”?

Inspirational speaker and Rising Above radio show host, John O’Leary, speaks all over the world. I first heard him over two years ago in Nebraska. He was the keynote speaker at a life insurance conference. Now, I’ve heard a lot of motivational speakers, but John’s message was more profound. He took all of us on a journey that day…not only into the story of his life, his heroes, his purpose…but, individually, the journey led us all to look very deeply at ourselves.

One of the remarks he made sticks in my mind to this day: “know your “why”. What is your “why”? What moves you to do the things you do, to be the person you choose to be…to love more, to live harder, to rise above challenges and fulfill your true potential? What are you fighting for? Discover your “why” and you’ll discover your means to overcoming adversity. As John says, “You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can choose the manner in which you walk it.”

John O'Leary Show

See what Joe Buck has to say about John O’Leary. You can hear John every Wednesday & Friday, 6pm CST, on TruthTalk AM 630 in the Greater St. Louis area and online at www.truthtalk630.com

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