Want To Be Your Best…Surround Yourself With Talent

We are fortunate to be experiencing a growth spurt at EGRM.  Growth is GREAT…especially when it stems organically, from good old-fashioned hard work.  But, it can be frustrating when clients request services beyond what we normally offer.  We took a step back and asked ourselves and some of our clients how, beyond radio/podcasting, can we help their businesses succeed?  Business owners remarked they wanted a resource to turn to that can help them on several business fronts…radio, offer implementable tips to make their business more successful and many wanted assistance with their digital presence/marketing.  EGRM answered that need by building relationships with exceptional persons/entities who, in turn, were willing to create win-win scenarios.  Examples:

Ron Ameln (President of St. Louis Small Business Monthly, www.sbmon.com), is uber-talented, possessing an intuitive, analytic business mind.  Along with Jeff Arthur (www.excaliburci.com ), Ron is the co-host of The Smart Biz Show heard Saturdays, 8am, KSLQ 104.5 in St. Louis’ westplex region.  Together, they are dynamic.  Jeff’s business coaching expertise combined with Ron’s experience from interacting with, writing about and learning from the region’s top-tier business owners makes the show “click”.  The Smart Biz Show’s goal is to help area businesses thrive and succeed…yet, the show is attracting the attention of national business experts/authors.

We really needed to make our radio spots more effective/call-to-action oriented.  So, we sought out experts to better enable EGRM to serve our clients by ensuring we tie radio messaging into our sponsor’s online/mobile market space. MarketVolt ( www.marketvolt.com ) and Kristy Meyer ( www.socialmediawithkristymeyer.com )  helped us shore up our e-marketing, website design/content and social media foundation. I refer to MarketVolt’s Tom Ruwitch as the Bill Gates of e-marketing and Kristy ROCKS!

Becca Ritz (www.bauerhaus.com ) came to our logo and branding rescue on several projects ( see http://www.bauerhaus.com/4-logo-designs-for-4-radio-shows/ for more).  Becca does a lot of branding and website/content work with wineries/businesses locally and across the country.

We named radio expert, digital media guru and google partner, Mark Edwards (www.markedwardsworldwide.com), as our new EGRM President, Anissa Wardell (www.thepublicistsassistant.com) as our new VP of Internet PR and Terry Donovan(co-host of EGRM’s September Living Show with Gary B) as our new VP of Sales.

Growing a business without outside funding takes time and, often, expertise you, as a business owner, may not possess.  Be bold… reach for the stars.  Be humble and willing to learn.  Reach, reach, reach…then reach some more…there are REAL business all-stars out there who will share your vision, establish some working parameters with you and extend a knowledgeable, helping hand.

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