Speaking Opportunities Are Business, Career and Leadership Opportunities…

As the blog title suggests, do you take advantage of such opportunities?  Do you adequately prepare for such public speaking opportunities?  The blog title verbiage is a phrase aptly posited by Fred E. Miller, author of, “No Sweat Public Speaking” and the “No Sweat Elevator Speech” audio book (see www.nosweatpublicspeaking.com ) .

Fred was recently a guest on our two business shows…The Smart Biz Show and Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show…and, what a phenomenal guest he was!  I have read his book and listened to the “No Sweat Elevator Speech” audio book.  I definitely have a lot of tweaking to do, but I’m well on my way to making the most of such opportunities via Fred’s teaching.  Fred’s statement that speaking opportunities are business, career and leadership opportunities is so true.  Last year, Doctor’s Orders show host, Dr. Kipp Van Camp, was asked to speak at a small group function about his book, “MisDiagnosis” and the future of healthcare in America.  Dr. Kipp seized that opportunity.  At the culmination of his presentation, he received a standing ovation from the small group.  The very next day he received a call and accepted an invitation to speak at an extremely large event in Kansas City later that same week…providing him exposure to thousands of people!

Here’s the neat thing about Fred’s book…its precepts can be applied in virtually any public speaking scenario: if you are asked to guest on a radio show, podcast or television show…at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting…or if you have an upcoming interview for a new job or a promotion.

Practice what Fred preaches.  Contact Fred if you want personalized training.  He’s made a positive difference in my life and the lives of our show hosts and listeners.

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