Entrepreneurs…Plan Well, Execute…and Practice Patience

Recently, I spoke with a couple of business associates who are also good friends.  One friend, Craig Gordon of Constant Coverage & Premier National Benefits, started a new venture about the same time I began EG Radio Marketing.  Fortunately for us both, we planned and executed our business plans well.  The hard part is the patience…the waiting.  Of course we’re not idlely standing around…we’re still executing, working hard.  But, seeing a business plan come to fruition takes time, usually more effort than originally anticipated and it often requires the concerted efforts of others not always in your direct sphere of influence…remember that.

Another business associate and friend is Skip Joeckel of Talk Shows USA.  Speaking with Skip always reminds me of the importance of the term “professionalism”.  Good business isn’t always just about statistics, dollars and who gets the better deal; good business has a LOT, however, to do with being ethical and well-respected in your chosen field.  There is no substitute for having a good reputation and being known as an honest business person.  Here are some practices that, as an entrepreneur, have served me well:

  • Be passionate about your business
  • Plan and execute well…don’t dwell on money overmuch…work your plan and good things will happen
  • Reduce to writing tomorrow’s work schedule on a paper or software day-planner…before you end your day today…in order of importance
  • Attempt to get as much done by 2pm as possible
  • Set self-imposed deadlines
  • You won’t “click” with everybody…nor will everyone want what your business has to offer…dust off your shoes and enthusiastically, with purpose move on to the next opportunity
  • Seek out and listen to mentors
  • Build a secure business foundation, and legally plan for the beginning and end of your association with your business…retirement, sell-off or your preordained trip to the hereafter
  • Outsource when it makes sense to do so, but only to professionals who take their work as seriously as you do yours
  • Volunteer and help others
  • Set aside time to nurture the true wealth in your life: faith, family, health, passions outside your career and personal relationships (thanks, Professor David England)
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