Enterprising STL Youth Earns My Business

So often we hear only the negative about today’s youth.  A bright young middle school student knocked on our front door a few weeks ago…very polite when my wife and I answered the door.  He spoke about his aspirations to own and his plans to save money for a car…mowing lawns and doing odd jobs for folks.  I’ll not disclose his name or phone number but here’s how the flyer he handed us reads:

Blake’s Lawn Cutting Service…Big Front & Back Yard $25.00…weed eating and yard blowing $10 extra.  Little Front & Back Yard $15.00…weed eating and yard blowing $5.00.  Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I will need your name, house address and phone number.  My hours are 3:30pm to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday.  Saturday & Sunday by appointment.  I am in middle school and am saving up for a car.  I play multiple sports and have decent grades.  I have work experience.  Thank you!  

Now…I mow my own yard and do most of the work around the house.  But…my wife and I will make certain to give this enterprising young man a call and FIND a way to work him into some projects around our house.  He reminds me of me as a young boy.  He reminds me of the way Martina and I taught our own sons to work and earn their own money at a young age.  And…he reminds me of many great men and women who started out humbly, honestly…working hard to learn new skills…men and women who, in adulthood, built business empires.  He epitomizes one of the greatest things about America and American ingenuity….the willingness to work hard and MAKE a path to success…and, in doing so, help a lot of extra folks out along the journey.  You ROCK Blake!

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