EGRM Founder to Speak at Annual Men Who Win Advance Event

Our co-founder and CEO, Scott Ragain, will be a featured speaker at the annual Men Who Win Advance event in Hardin, Kentucky. The event is organized by Men Who Win Ministries. Scott’s presentation is, in part, a story of the importance of never giving up…on your wife, your family and God (trust Him…He always has a back-up plan when we men make a mess of things). The talk is entitled “Keeping My Marriage on Target”. Scott and his wife, Martina, have been married for thirty years, have raised three sons and now enjoy time with their three grandchildren.

“I attended this event for the first time right before Thanksgiving last year”, Ragain says. “The event was life-changing and transformational for me. I still have the notes I wrote from last year and I review them regularly…those writings and my close relationship with organizers of the event help to keep me grounded and accountable to myself, my family and God.”
Scott and Martina, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), will soon be giving presentations to businesses and organizations educating people about the disease.

– Anissa Wardell, Co-Founder/President LTMG & VP of EG Radio Marketing

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