EG Radio Marketing, St. Louis Small Business Monthly & The Smart Biz Show Produce: Accelerate Your Business 2015 Workshop for Businesses 3+ Years in Existence!

Scott Ragain ( & Ron Ameln & Pat Coates ( have launched a program to take productive businesses to the next level and to invigorate struggling businesses. The event will take place Thursday, January 22nd from 7am to 4:30pm at Coda Vue 17, in the17th floor of the University Tower Building, 1034 S. Brentwood, St. Louis, MO 63117 (the tall building directly across from the St. Louis Galleria).  Workshop workbooks, breakfast, lunch and follow-up webinars are all included in the $99.99 per person admission.  For those who sign up before January 16th, the rate in only $79.99 per person.  For registration details, visit: or The setting is intimate and engaging, but limited to just 200 persons.

“I recently spoke with O’Fallon Chamber CEO, Erin Williams, and InnerView Advisors founder, Art Snarzyk, regarding how we could be more proactive to help area businesses/CEO’s”, said Ragain.  “Erin mentioned she knew of a significant number of businesses who failed to make it through the third quarter of 2014.  She also commented that if a business has been around 3+ years, they’re likely doing a lot of things right…they simply require the expertise/expert advice to improve cash flow and take them to the next level.  We’ve chosen Coda Vue 17 simply because it is a professional, high-tech meeting atmosphere, conducive to the high-impact interactive learning environment requested by our 15+ phenomenal business experts.  Also, because of the covered parking capabilities, ”

“Ameln states, “The concept of helping 3+ year businesses stemmed from a conversation Scott had with Art Snarzyk.  Art (dubbed the “Turnover Terminator”) is intimately in tune with the needs of his business clientele.  Art was the first to suggest tailoring the workshop to existing businesses.  Ron Ameln continues, “I visit small business owners on an almost daily basis.  Art is right, they don’t just want a golden nugget of business wisdom, they want substantive, quantifiable, growth-oriented and immediately implementable ideas…not fluff. Motivation is not what they’re looking for…they have that.  Many have mortgaged their futures and put their non-work lives on hold to build their business.  And, this is the really important part…as a group, they hire lots of people.  Believe me, they are personally invested not only in the success of their business but in the lives and futures of their business family…their loyal and hard-working employees.”

– Anissa Wardell, VP EG Radio Marketing

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