EG Radio & Excalibur Coaching Institute’s, Jeff Arthur, to Speak at IDEAL Seminar – AT&T in St. Louis

September 11th, EGRM Excal Jeff Promo Pic 102014, Jeff Arthur, host of Excalibur Business & Life Coaching Show and co-host of The Smart Biz Show, will speak about leadership, address the root causes of team dysfunction and illustrate some of the roadblocks that often inhibit effective and productive intra-office communication.  Jeff is the founder of Excalibur Coaching Institute, a business and personal life-coaching entity that focuses on non-judgmental strategies that impact the productivity of companies and their team member’s lives in a profoundly positive way.  Jeff has mentored CEO’s and Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff maintains that, “Understanding yourself…why you do and think the way you do…is extremely empowering and life-changing.  The key is that a person has to be willing to make that journey and I, in a non-judgmental way, need to be willing to be there for them through the process…which, can sometimes be emotionally painful, yet very liberating at the same time.  The extraordinary results are well worth the journey.”

We are proud to have remarkable, impactful professionals like Jeff as part of the EG Radio Marketing team.

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