Don’t “Sell Advertising”…Build Long-Term Radio Partnerships

TO ALL RADIO SHOWS…partnering with sponsors and advertisers to create long lasting business relationships is critical to your show’s success…and, the success of your sponsors’ businesses.  Make certain you do your homework prior to approaching a business…and, yes, that implies YOU, to a large extent, should pick and choose with which businesses you WANT to partner.  If the arrangement is not a good fit with your show…it certainly will not be a good fit for the sponsor.  Working within a businesses marketing budget, obtaining results and over-delivering for them will keep sponsors on board with your show.  What looks good to a potential radio sponsor?  The answer, successful marketing platforms you’ve built working in concert with your existing loyal radio sponsors.  If you’re just starting out with a new radio show, choose your sponsors well.  Make certain you believe in that sponsor’s product or service.  And always, always work toward a radio sponsorship model that is in the sponsor’s best interest…overdelivering = successful, long-term sponsor partnerships.

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