Bo Govea of 10,20,30 GO, Randy Gardner & Crawford Broadcasting’s Mark Harvard…Inspiring Leaders…

You know…sometimes you can plan out your time/meetings and have a good idea of what to expect that day…then, from out of the blue, you are hit smack dab in the face with a person’s stirring story or event.  And when that happens, it makes you stop and place into perspective what is REALLY most important in life.  Leadership and toughness come in many forms.  I was greatly moved and inspired today by three people…before 9am.

Randy Gardner, creator and host of the Happily Married Husband radio show, opened today’s show discussing how great his guest, Bo Govea, was going to be.  Well, Randy and Bo did not disappoint  ( for more about Bo Govea and 10,20,30 GO visit: ).  They spent the better part of an hour talking about the importance of being a good husband and a good family leader.  They discussed tragedy turned into triumph as well as the financial trials and tribulations many of our families face.   Developing accountability in ourselves and our children is a part of life.  As Bo points out, there are sooo many ancillary benefits…positive teaching and bonding moments…inherent in establishing a positive and spiritual parent – child relationship wherein accountability is required.  That same accountability occurs in the role of “parent”, “husband” and “wife” as well.  Can you really place a value on the importance of your son seeing how a responsible, caring and loving family man is supposed to behave?  What about your daughter seeing in you,  her father, the qualities she should look for when seeking a boyfriend or husband?

After the radio show, I was then ushered into a meeting with Mark Harvard, station manager and Operations manager for Crawford Broadcasting.  While talking business, Mark kindly brought me up to date on his remarkable wife, Mary Ann.  Mary Ann has beaten cancer not once, not even twice….but, six times.  The word “tough” should have a new synonym – Mary Ann Harvard.  This couple has learned to fight this disease together.  And, they still take time to educate others about cancer.  I thought to myself…”How strong must this guy have to be for his wife…to see her through so much…SIX TIMES!”  The lesson I learned from Mary Ann and Mark is this…when my time comes to fight a battle that simply appears too overwhelming, how will I respond?  Will I fight with every breath…and in the midst of my battle…lead and help others with love and grace like Mary Ann and Mark?

Sometimes the best lessons in leadership, faith and inspiration are right there waiting for you…in the very next business meeting.

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